Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Origin of the Universe

Reading an article on the evolution of universe has always been a fascinating experience as it deals with our origin. The fundamentals of our very own existence are time and again argued upon, with each group of debaters concluding in their own way. But, the latest one presented by the renowned professor and scientist, Mr. Stephen Hawking may weigh heavily on others. It is the one that may settle the dispute between the believers of scientific evolution of humanity and those supportive of a religious action. Mr. Stephen proposes that, though it is an inevitable fact that our lives and, origin to some extent, are governed by various scientific laws which can be traced back to their basic ones, but he adds, that these basic laws were initially formulated by the God for the synchronization of human beings with nature. Any slight imbalance would have tilted the scales on either side, thus, resulting in disastrous consequences. The protons, stars, carbon and other scientific drivers of human life and the solar system, might have initially been a part of the God's creative pattern, which has kept the researchers on their feet for many decades. The scientific discoveries have lead to formulation of theories but still the basics are taken as guaranteed. Those 'guaranteed basics' are recognized as the creation of God by Hawking. Well, this may settle the dispute for a while, but curiosity is a trait of a human being which is hard to suppress and hence the search for basics-of-basics is deemed to continue.

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